Université Paris Cité organizes this year the 6th edition of the General Assembly of Training and Medical Research.


© Université Paris Cité

This big meeting is a way for every French university to discuss and debate over professional skills, health students training, students well-being, clinical research in France and post-graduate and PhD recent reforms.

Claire Le Jeunne, co-responsible of IDEAL and IDEAL+ programmes, will be on site to talk about the IDEAL innovative teaching method and introduce IDEALiTER new programme, starting from October, 1st.



© Claire Le Jeunne – Université Paris Cité


© Claire Le Jeunne – Université Paris Cité

To know more about the workshops and the program of the event, please visit Université Paris CIté’s website.

Université Paris Cité accueille les 6èmes États Généraux de la Formation et de la Recherche Médicales les 29 et 30 septembre 2022

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