IDEAL Training seminar for teachers

IDEAL hosts a 3-day training seminar for teachers for junior and mid-career faculty of 5 teaching partner institutions organized by  one medical education teaching partner.

An IDEAL Teachers training session

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IDEAL Teacher training seminar is an annual 3-day seminar opened to 12-15 trainee medical educators from the partner universities. It aims at promoting excellence in teaching and skills development by:


  • Improving the level and relevance of European medical educators’ teaching
  • Disseminating more accurate and innovative teaching skills
  • Better addressing the unmet students’ need for practical training at an undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Developing high-level teaching tools that will enhance exchanges between medical educators and create a community of teachers around Europe.


The seminar will focus on:


  • General methods of teaching and education in large or small groups such as flipped classrooms, team-based learning, case-based clinical reasoning, e-modules…
  • Specific approaches to teach Infectious Diseases.
  • Production of e-lectures on specific Infectious Diseases topics or case-based clinical reasoning session that will then be implemented in the student training course.​


The former participants talk about the “TTT” seminar


Upcoming session 2024-2025:


The IDEAL Teacher training course will take place in Paris from 2nd to 4th of April 2025.


If you are a medical educator from one of the partner universities and you are interested in taking part in the course, please contact:

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