IDEAL Summer Schools

The IDEAL annual summer schools open for undergraduate health students the entire dimension of public and population health in infectious diseases.


A student practising lumber puncture on a mannequin during IDEAL summer school. 

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The IDEAL Summer schools aim at :


> Adding the public health dimension to broaden the students’ individual knowledge and bring students into public health-related career-options later on, e.g. in epidemiology, vaccinology, public health policy, health decision making, health literacy and communication, etc;


> Building further on the ‘IDEAL-brand’ of joint, engaging, innovative, case andproblem-based teaching approaches, addressing the following topics: epidemiology and pandemic preparedness, diagnostic and therapeutic stewardship, non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical interventions (with special attention to vaccination policies), public health communication (including aspects of trust and health promotion), to both medical and paramedical students (e.g. pharmacists, nurses,…);


> Integrate concepts of infectious diseases control through interprofessional collaboration (students of different backgrounds) with a focus on implementation, including role plays, problem-based learning, debates, hackathons and round table discussions;


The IDEAL summer schools will be complementary:


> to the curricula implemented in the partnering countries to the IDEALITER advanced courses in each country that focus on knowledge and skills required for clinical practice and patient care in infectious diseases.


Next session:

26-30 August, 2024 in Antwerp


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